Welcome To The Best Trained, Mission
Focused Force Of Communicators On The Planet

Our Mission has three components:

1- Provide our client companies superior service and engagement that positively
connects companies to their customers.

2- Provide jobs in Business Process Outsourcing for spouses of Military families to assure them financial support and
career opportunities to thrive and achieve.

3- Provide financial support to severely wounded veterans by pledging over 25% of our proceeds to the Sentinels of Freedom.

Operating as a unique customer call and contact center, we are focused on providing value to
Your Company. Your Customers. And our Country.

This brilliantly simple solution is a win-win-win for everyone engaged in the program.
Like their active duty mates, Military spouses have a can-do spirit and fortitude forged over years of Military instilled values.

Our Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) recruiting model fuses high caliber talent with a superior work
ethic to perfectly align solutions with your organization’s challenges. Triple Impact Connections will manage and accelerate the ideal
approach to help your business adapt to today’s customer. We have a deep understanding of customer relationships,
change management/customer transformation strategies and the technical expertise to help our clients exceed the goals they have for their customers.

They Look Out For Us,
It’s Time We Look Out For Them


When you engage our MSEP, you help our nation’s Military families with the economic support they so richly deserve. Our soldiers make supreme sacrifices for us yet are low on the pay scale. Triple Impact Connections bridges that gap by hiring spouses to answer phones at home while their spouses are servicing our country, nearly doubling the family income.

In these times of pandemic concerns, this is a safe, at home, contact-less employment opportunity where staff rarely “calls in sick!” So if you’ve been looking to outsource your contact center needs, you no longer have to leave America to find high quality, cost effective solutions. Look no further than Texas for the most capable, best trained call center force on the planet.

This superb support system, like the American soldier, is mission focused and shares the Military values of integrity, efficiency and responsibility. The patriots who populate our contact centers come equipped with strong ethical values and comprise a stable, trusted workforce.