Triple Impact Connection’s Restaraunt Virtual Waiter is your remote ordering and catering operations with an experienced team of representatives. We work closely with your establishment to ensure the values of your brand align with the online voice of your unique dining experience. When your guests call, our remote ordering team is a transparent extension of your restaurant operations.

We’re Not Just A Call Center,
We’re the Voice Of Your Restaurant

Our centralized services are both customer and client-centric. When your customers talk to us, we sound like you. You’re in control and set the daily objectives.

We serve as an extension of your business. We track and measure all the key metrics that align with your business objectives. We invite you to visit our call centers as often as you wish to meet with staff, provide training, observe calls, and hear the actual voice of the customer.

You’ll know you’ve connected when callers arrive at your restaurant and commend the way their order was handled, expecting to meet their Virtual Waiter! Further proof of the value of our Centralized Service will appear when the average value per order on the phone exceeds the average value per order in the restaurant!

The Technology Of Winning

We are focused, not rushed. This will ensure better order accuracy and higher average order values. Our presence also means your in-restaurant servers can give 100% of their attention to seated guests, while we give 100% attention to your telephone guests. In the end, both groups of guests will be better served!

Our call center will be clear of kitchen clatter and background noises, offering a truly quality experience for your Catering and To-Go Order customers. There will be no busy signals during rush hours and calls will be routed to the next available Virtual Waiter.

Our entire team is USA based.

So give us a call. We’re open when your restaurants are open, across all time zones.
Not just a call center,
we’re your voice.