Answering The Call

Now you can engage the brightest minds and do the greatest good for your company, customers and country. Triple Impact Connections is a unique, Veteran-Owned communications solutions firm based solely in the US, utilizing primarily the spouses of American soldiers. This concept creates a diverse workforce pool of 650,000 skilled workers, that share the military values of disciplined dedication, loyalty and efficiency, for enhanced services that provide better business outcomes.

While soldiers are on duty around the world, their spouses go to work, manning phones and computers with the same values of excellence the Military fosters. All while doubling Military family incomes!

It’s a powerful, new way for Corporate America to support Military families by doubling family incomes, and simultaneously enhancing better business outcomes while assuring better quality connections. Our devotion to our clients’ customers has created enduring loyalty, superior results and a stellar reputation, as exemplified by Military spouses who care about the customers they serve 24/7!

Guiding Principles

We care. We build to suit. We own your business objectives every single day. Our contact center commitment is complete customer satisfaction. We treat everyone with the care and personal attention they deserve. Our technology and skill-sets enable us to interact seamlessly with your customers on whatever channel they prefer.

Customer Experience

The ongoing battle to win customer perception should be in the forefront of every brand’s mind. This relates to messaging and products, selling process and follow-up after the sale. We also engage with internal factors like the interworking of the company, its leadership and product/service engineering. Insights, data and analysis are the foundation for our superior ability to improve and act on the best Customer Experience (CX) practices.

Increased Retention

Triple Impact keeps Military families close to home and more loyal than ever. The same will be true of your customers since the Military qualities of integrity and “mission-first” focus make absenteeism rare and attrition low, resulting in superior customer attention. As a trusted partner in the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), businesses receive Turn Key Engagement Solutions for firms seeking to leverage the best attributes of MSEP in their Engagement Centers.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Triple Impact has partnered with MSEP founders to build the MSEP Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solution Center Model, a proven solution enhanced through flawless execution by one of the largest BPO providers in America. That’s why attrition is so low, and why we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, a key consideration for customer continuity and quality.

Superior Value

From the onset, we assure MSEP Recruiters are in lockstep with Triple Impact expectations to deliver top talent. Better business outcomes and superb service translates to superior value for our clients. We provide realistic job previews and create a deep knowledge of Triple Impact's Talent Profile through cultural immersion of the MSEP teams.